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What is Full Bleed Printing

full bleed printing

What is a Full Bleed Document


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One of the important questions which we would ask you is “Do you want your document to be printed full bleed?”. That is a confusing question for a lot of people who are not in the printing industry and we hope this little article would help you understand better what a full bleed document is.

It is all about printing technology.

As most printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper, we get white edge around your artwork. Check Fig. 1  

full bleed document 

If you as a customer want your design to cover the paper sheet fully (Full Bleed Print) as per left photo in Fig. 1, we need to use some clever tricks when printing, but you also need to design and send us your document especially prepared for full bleed printing.


What We Do

For your document to fully cover the printed page we print it on oversized paper and after printing we trim the excess of the paper to get it to the proper size. Check Fig. 2

It sounds simple but it takes additional time to prepare the file, print it on oversize paper and then trim properly it so you finally can have your document printed full bleed.

Due to the mechanical nature of printing and cutting, the machines very often introduce a small 1-3mm movement of the paper which brings the cutting edge close to the bleed edge. That is why it is important to properly design a document which need will be printed full bleed.


What You Need To Do

When you design your document, you need to have in mind that it will have to be printed on oversize paper and trimmed after that. So ideally, you should send your document to us with crop marks and bleed. To get satisfactory results all important content such as text, logos, important pictures etc. which you do not want to be trimmed off need to be put away off the trim edges (in your safe area). Check Fig. 3.

Check our article about Designing Full Bleed Document – link to instructions how to do it


Final Words

To be honest, in many situations Nevex Printing can print a document which is not properly designed as a full bleed document but sometimes the final result can be less satisfactory and it may take longer time to print your document. So, we strongly advise customers to follow the design rules as much as possible if you want to get the best results when printing your documents.

 If you have any doubts about your document, contact us and we can give it a quick check and advise you what would be the best course of action.