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Setting up Bleed and Crop Marks

Setting up Bleed and Crop Marks

Bleed and Margin for Full Bleed Documents


Central London leaflet printingIf any of the content of your document goes up to the end of the page, you will need full bleed printing. This should be considered when creating your design as full bleed documents require trimming after they are printed out. For more information on full bleed documents, check our article What is Full Bleed Printing. 

A ‘bleed’ is a 3 mm area of your design that will get trimmed off around all 4 edges of the page. The margins indicate the area in your document which is safe from trimming. When designing your document make sure you keep any important information inside the margin. This  

Below are short instructions how to set up your document for full bleed printing in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe InDesign. 

Adobe InDesign

Document set-up

To check if your file has been correctly set u, go to File, Document set-up and make sure that the settings are as following:

  • Margins = a minimum of 10 mm on all sides
  • Bleed = 3mm on all sides
  • The slug settings can stay on 0

indesign document set up 

When viewing your file in the Normal mode (view>screenmode) you should see the following:

  • The most outer line, represents the bleed area. This area will be trimmed. Make sure you extend any balckground colour or images up to this line, to avoid white borders. 
  • The black line shows the original document size. This will be the size of your document after trimming.
  • The most inner line is pink/purple and indicates the margin. This is the area that is safe from trimming. Make sure that you do not put any text, page numbers or graphics beyond this line as they may get trimmed off. 
Document Export

Once your design is finished, please save it by going to File and Export. Under the option Save as type select PDF print. Make sure in the PDF sections to chose pages and not spreads. Select on the left side for Marks and Bleeds and select here the following:

  • At Marks tick the box for Crop marks
  • Below at Bleed and Slug tick the box Use Document Bleed Settings.

You can check a video tutorial on how to set up bleed and crop marks in Adobe InDesign here: Video Tutorial

Adobe Photoshop

In Adobe Photoshop, settings for bleed and crop marks do not exists. However, the bleed can be done as following:

Add an extra 3mm to your file size and keep anything that should not be trimmed at least 10mm away from the edges. 

Adobe Photoshop flatten 

When you are ready with your design, flatten the file by going to Layer and choosing Flatten Image. Save your file in PDF format by going to File and choosing Save As and Photoshop PD

You can check a video tutorial on how to create bleed and crop marks in Adobe Photoshop here: Video Tutorial