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Lamination and Encapsulation London

Laminating and encapsulating are an ideal way to protect your documents. Laminating applies a thin layer of plastic coating to the paper while encapsulating completely seals the paper in a slightly thicker plastic. 

We offer laminating and encapsulating service for documents of A6, A5, A4 and A3 size as well A2 and A1 lamination and encapsulation.

For documents up to A3 size we can offer standard 200 micron (100 on each side) gloss encapsulation.

Documents up to A3 size can also be laminated with thin matt laminate.

For sizes bigger than A2 we offer gloss lamination.

The turnaround on lamination and encapsulation depends on the size of the document and on the volume. Small amounts of A4 and A3 laminating can be done on the spot.

Larger sizes or bigger amounts are normally ready in 24 hours.

You can collect your laminated documents from our Central London printing centre. 

We also offer a same day courier service to London postcodes or standard delivery service to the rest of the UK. Please, contact us for a delivery quote.

Laminating and Encapsulating Prices


The prices are per page laminating / encapsulating and include VAT.

Laminating / Encapsulating More Details

If you need lamination or encapsulation for already printed documents, please bring them to us. Depending on the quantity and size we can either do them on the spot, or you can collect them later when ready. If you need printing and laminating/encapsulating, please email us your documents together with your specification. We need to know:
  • how you would like your documents printed
  • if you need laminating or encapsulating
  • if you need thin or thick laminating film (up to A3 size)
We will come back to you with a quote. Please, note that an order is considered placed only after the payment has been received. You can arrange the payment in person, over the phone or online.

We laminate documents up to A3 size.

Laminating involves sealing a thin sheet of clear plastic to the front and/or to the back of a sheet of paper or card so the entire surface of the stock is covered in the laminated plastic. The laminating film is trimmed to the end of the paper or card. Laminating protects the print from handling and splashes. We can laminate documents up to A3 size using a thin matt laminating film.

We encapsulate documents up to A1 size.

Encapsulation is very similar to lamination but the plastic extends beyond the edge of the paper sealing it completely. Encapsulation protects the documents and makes them waterproof. We offer thick gloss encapsulating film (200 micron) and thin gloss encapsulating film for documents up to A3 size. Documents up to A1 size are encapsulated with thin gloss film.

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Walk-in printing centre - Kings Cross - Central London

Laminating creates a protective layer around your documents or artwork and encapsulating creates a waterproof seal, enhances the colours and extends their durability.

Laminate your documents to protect them against general wear. Encapsulate your posters so you can use them outside and on multiple occasions.

At our printing shop, we provide laminating and encapsulating for document sizes A6, A5, A4 as well as large print laminating and encapsulating in sizes A3, A2 and A1. 

You can come to us for a single page laminating or for multiple pages laminating. Simply bring your documents and we will laminate them for you.

For documents up to A3 size we offer thick and thin gloss laminating film as well as thin matt laminating film. Documents of A2 and A1 size are encapsulated with a thin gloss film.

Depending on the size and volume, your documents can be laminated the same day or in 24 hours.

The laminated documents can be collected or delivered by a same day courier for London postcodes or standard delivery to the rest of the UK. Please. Contact us for a delivery quote.

For a collection, visit us in Central London. We are conveniently situated just 3 min walking distance from Kings Cross train/tube station.

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