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We offer printing and 8 types of binding done in store in our printing centre in Central London.

The majority of our binding services are done on the spot or within the same day.

You can come with your documents for binding only* or we can print and bind them for you. We offer a wide range of paper and card with silk, matt and uncoated finish.

Please, check the binding methods below or you are welcome to come by and check samples of printed and bound documents.

* We can offer perfect binding only for documents printed by us.

Document Binding

Wire Binding

Printing and wire binding or wire binding only. We do it on the spot, the same day or for large amounts in 24 hours.

Spiral/Coil Binding

Spiral / coil binding for your documents. We do it on the spot, the same day or for large amounts in 24 hours.

Plastic Comb Binding

Plastic comb binding with a white or black comb. We odo it on the spot, same day or for large amounts in 24 hours.

Thermal Binding

Thermal binding with ready covers with clear front and black or white card back. Done on the spot, the same day or in 24 hours.

Perfect Binding

Perfect/soft binding is done with hot glues and with a custom printed cover. Ready the same day or within 24 hours.

Hardcover Binding

We do black or blue hardcover thesis and dissertation binding with gold or silver lettering on the front cover and/or on the spine.

Art Gloss Binding

Hardcover white art gloss binding is a stylish binding method ideal for portfolios and presentations.

Hardcover Bookbinding

Hardcover bookbinding is an elegant solution for binding your documents. Done with a custom cover in our printing centre in London.

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